Bobby O Super Deluxe
Photoshop Pencil Brushes

bobby o photoshop pencil brush set imageBob, how do I get a hold of those rocking Photoshop pencil brushes I saw you working with on Instagram? I’ll bet those would do wonders for my work:
Good news readers the Bobby O Super Deluxe Photoshop Pencil Brushes are back, for a limited time of course. All you have to is click this link and they are yours for the taking. Happy Photoshopping!

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Licensed Art Portfolio

Licensed Art Portfolio

by Bob Ostrom Studio


Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, when they need an artist to recreate their licensed characters they are looking for someone who can provide artwork that is flawless and identical to the original. This is just a small collection of the many characters I’ve worked with. Most are from the books I’ve illustrated but a few are from toy and game companies.

If you need an artist who understands how to work with licensed art that’s on model and on time, give me a call I’d love to work with you.

For a more in depth look at what it’s like to work with licensed art properties please check out the following posts:


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