inktober title screen

It’s Inktober kids, and this is where you’ll find the story…

Day -2

inktober day 2

Day 3

inktober-day 3 art by bob ostrom

Day 4

inktober art by bob ostrom



Day 6

inktober day 6 art by bob ostrom


Day 7

inktober day 7 art by bob ostrom


Day 8

inkober day 8 by bob ostrom

Day 9

inktober-day-9 by bob ostrom

Day 10

inktober art by bob ostrom

Day 11

day-11 inktober art by bob ostrom

Day 12inktober-day-12 by bob ostrom

Day 13

inktober day 13 by bob ostrom


Day 14


inktober day 14 by bob ostrom

Day 15

inktober day 15

Day 16


inktober day 16 art by bob ostrom

Day 17

inktober day 17 art by bob ostrom

Day 20

inktober day 20 by bob ostrom

Day 21

inktober day 21 art by bob ostrom

Day 22

inktober 22 art by bob ostrom

Day 28

inktober day 28 art by bob ostrom


Day 29

inktober 29 ostrom

Day 31

inktober-day31 art by bob ostrom












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Behind the Scenes Children’s Book Illustration

“How To” Library series published by The Child’s World.


I thought it might be fun show you a little behind the scenes look at a few of the children’s book illustrations I did  for this series of “How To” library books. You might have noticed that one of the sketches still shows the colored line technique I used to use when I sketched on paper. It’s an old art guy trick I picked up many years ago while working with Disney designed to save time. I still find it useful even though I have drawn a sketch on paper in years. These days I sketch exclusively in Photoshop using a big honking Cintiq tablet. Not being able to zoom in on my sketch seems ridiculous. I image in a few short years as new technology replaces the desktop work station we’ll look back and wonder how we ever got along without it.