Testing for Unicorns

This is just a little test to see how easy it is to upload a movie from the iPad. If you’re curious this art was produced on the iPad Pro using the Procreate app. So far I’ve found it to be an excellent program and I highly recommend it for sketching. In this video you’ll see it’s not to bad for color either. I have yet to try it for a professional job with anything other than sketching but this should give you a little look at what it’s like to work with the program for both sketching and color.

My goal with this post was to see how posting a movie straight to the blog would work out. Overall it was pretty simple but with an 8.8mg .M4v file I feel like the load speed is going to be a little clunky. I think the better option might be to upload the movie to either Youtube or my Vimeo account and post a link, that way three things will happen. First, my blog doesn’t get heavy with bloated files. Second, with Youtube especially, I get better SEO and lastly no waiting around for the video to load up. I’ll do a quick follow to this post when I have a little more info on the performance. Until then I hope you enjoy the video.



Creatures from the Deep

creatures from the deep title art

I’ve always been fascinated by what lives in the darkest depths of the ocean. The creatures of the deep however remain elusive. What’s down there? Until recently it’s been a complete mystery. Recent discoveries show that there is a vast world we never knew existed. One with creatures that appear so alien they could not possibly be of this earth. Yet, somehow there they are. Each day we learn a tiny bit more about what lurks at the bottom of the sea. Beneath the waves are a host of creatures that appear, at first glance, so hideous, so grotesque, so horrifying that only an artist could love them.

This series is dedicated to the fascination I felt as a young boy the first time I discovered this strange new world I knew nothing about. To the fascination I still feel as an adult when I image search, Creatures from the Deep on the Googles. To the fascination I feel when I realize how much we still don’t know, and to the fascination I feel when I look at that those creatures of the deep trying to figure out if they really exist or if they are just a figment of an artists imagination.gulper eel

angler fish art by bob ostrom


inktober title screen

It’s Inktober kids, and this is where you’ll find the story…

Day -2

inktober day 2

Day 3

inktober-day 3 art by bob ostrom

Day 4

inktober art by bob ostrom



Day 6

inktober day 6 art by bob ostrom


Day 7

inktober day 7 art by bob ostrom


Day 8

inkober day 8 by bob ostrom

Day 9

inktober-day-9 by bob ostrom

Day 10

inktober art by bob ostrom

Day 11

day-11 inktober art by bob ostrom

Day 12inktober-day-12 by bob ostrom

Day 13

inktober day 13 by bob ostrom


Day 14


inktober day 14 by bob ostrom

Day 15

inktober day 15

Day 16


inktober day 16 art by bob ostrom

Day 17

inktober day 17 art by bob ostrom

Day 20

inktober day 20 by bob ostrom

Day 21

inktober day 21 art by bob ostrom

Day 22

inktober 22 art by bob ostrom

Day 28

inktober day 28 art by bob ostrom


Day 29

inktober 29 ostrom

Day 31

inktober-day31 art by bob ostrom