Super Quick Two Part Illustrator Question

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Hi Readers, I’m planning an upcoming class on Adobe Illustrator and I could use your help. I’ve got a super quick two part illustrator question for anyone who has tried to learn Illustrator on their own but for one reason or another got tripped up or frustrated and decided to put it aside for now

 Super Quick Two Part Illustrator Question

  1.  What was your stumbling block?

  2.  What were you using to learn the program?

  • A – A book
  • B- Online tutorial
  • C – Took a class
  • D – Classes? We don’t need no stinking classes!

Thanks for you help and please leave your answers in the comment section.


bob-ostrom-studio-headshotBob Ostrom is an award winner illustrator who also teaches Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign in Raleigh NC and for some strange reason has chosen to use third person for this author bio. If you are interested in taking a class with me or an online tutoring session please visit the classes page on this site or use the contact page to reach me for more info.



Online Teaching Update

Quick Update

Here is a quick update on my online teaching and some of the things I’ve got planned in the coming weeks. I’m thrilled with how things been progressing progressing so far and to make things a little easier to manage I’m planning to launch a new teaching site dedicated specifically to online teaching. I’ve also been talking with a bunch of other super talented artists to help me begin putting together online classes in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Tutoring Sessions

In the meantime my online tutorial spots are filling up fast. I signed on two students last week and have room for just a couple more. If you are interested in a personalized tutoring session(s) please head on over to my contact page and drop me a note. Please include a little bit about what you are interested in learning and your level of experience with the program you want to focus on. If you are brand new to the program don’t worry I work with students of all levels. If you are just looking for more info on how they work let me know in your contact message and I will email an overview including how the classes work, how much they cost and what kind of availability I have.

Online Classes- Coming Soon

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This is super top secret stuff but I feel like I can trust you guys so here’s the skinny. I’ve been talking with some well known artists and I will be talking with a few more about joining me for live online classes coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates and whatever you do don’t tell anyone…


ONLINE CLASSES – Please send me more info about upcoming online classes and tutoring sessions!

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