Cartoon Shark Illustration Start to Finish – Adobe Illustrator CC

A quick (pun intended) look at at how I build an illustration using Adobe Illustrator CC. I just updated to Adobe’s cloud last week and had a little fun putting this video together in Photoshop CC, yup, that’s right you read it correctly. This video was done in Illustrator but then put together using Photoshop for video editting.. There are some great new features in all these new programs and I can’t wait to do a little more exploring.

I hope you enjoy this video. Even though it’s sped up quite a bit this is my actual working process. You’ll notice there is quite a bit of trial and error as I work my way from start to finish. I left everything in because I wanted you to see that building art is many times an experimental process and doesn’t always have a smooth transition from start to finish… Plus I added in a little snappy background music for your viewing and audio pleasure. Enjoy!

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Bob Ostrom Studio Sketchbook Friday.

It’s time for sketchbook Friday. There’s nothing that helps pass the time away like drawing in the ol’ sketchbook. Here are a couple of sketches I did while waiting for my son at the orthodontist a while back.

Sketchbook – Friday
sketch, sketchbook, ostrom, cartoon, illustration

sketch, sketchbook, ostrom, cartoon, illustration, shark

eBook Illustration – Where are the Dinos?

eBook Illustration

Cartoon, dinosaur, artist, ostromHi readers this week and next I will be featuring art from my latest book Where are the Dinos ?, written by author Julia Dweck and published by Kite Reader. You can find it in the hot new release section over on the Amazons. So far it looks like we’re doing pretty well. Lots of very positive reviews. WHOOT!!!

Illustrating a children’s ebook is no small task. It takes lots of planning, an endless amount of sketches, roughs, layouts, revisions and many late nights at the drawing board. The amount of work that goes into producing just one book is staggering. It is truly a labor of love. Surrounding yourself with good people always makes things a little better. I’d like to give special thanks to my good friends artist Richard Carbajal, author Julia Dweck and all the kind folks at Kite Reader for making this look easy (trust me when I tell you it’s much harder than it looks). Here is just a small part of what we do…

rough sketch, dinosaurs, gym class, ostrom
Start with a rough sketch. How rough is rough? Just enough to get the idea down on paper.
dinosaurs, cartoon, sketch, bob ostrom
Once I have the idea down on paper it’s time to tighten up the sketch.
cartoon, dinosaur, gym, cartoon, art, childrens book illustration, ostrom
Every piece is reviewed several times before it goes to publishing.
dinosaur, cartoon, gym, childrens book illustration, ostrom
The final art with type in position.