Blog Tour, My Illustration Process

Blog Tour I wasn’t recently asked by talented illustrator Josh Cleland to participate in a blog tour sharing my work process and answering a few questions. As many of you know Josh is a rock star when it comes to working with Adobe Illustrator which is super cool because I love Illustrator too. Josh and […]

Interview With Renowned Children’s Artist Will Terry

Featured Artist Will Terry This is a re-post of an interview I did with children’s book illustrator Will Terry about a year or so ago. As some of you may recall my site was hacked a while back and I had to rebuild it basically from scratch. I lost a lot of great articles and […]

Interview- How to Create, Publish and Market an eBook

How to Create Publish and Market an eBook Hello readers. Whew, its been busy here at the studio lately… not just busy but the kind of busy where you just wish there were more hours in a day kind of busy. The funny thing about this business is I’m not really allowed to share what […]