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Blog Tour

I wasn’t recently asked by talented illustrator Josh Cleland to participate in a blog tour sharing my work process and answering a few questions. As many of you know Josh is a rock star when it comes to working with Adobe Illustrator which is super cool because I love Illustrator too. Josh and I differ a bit when it comes to our style and how we use the program which is why I thought it would be fun to show a project I’m working on right now done almost exclusively in Illustrator. First however let me get to the questions that go along with blog tour

What am I working on right now?

photo bob ostrom with childrens booksI am working on a host of different projects, unfortunately many of the contracts I have signed keep me from discussing them until they are published. That’s the tough part of working in this industry especially because sometimes it can take up to a year for each project to reach the market. I guess those are just the breaks. So instead of getting into projects that I can’t talk about I’ll mention a few that I can. For many of you who are familiar with what I do when I’m not illustrating you may recall I have another site,, where I teach artists how to use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Right now I’m in the process of putting together a very special new class demonstrating advanced line art techniques using Adobe Illustrator. The great thing about this class is you don’t have to be a rock star Adobe Illustrator user to take the class. It starts right from the beginning with each tool I use. I show how it works and how to combine them to create amazing results.

Why do I illustrate what I do?

photo of the mr. and mrs. wiener truck logo designed by bob ostromIt’s no big secret I’ve always loved cartoons. As a kid I learned to draw by tracing all my favorite comic strips over and over again. It kept my busy for hours. As I got older I knew one day I would find a way to draw cartoons for a living. It took me a few years to figure it out but eventually I found my way into children’s publishing and once I did I knew that was exactly where I belonged. Aside children’s books I also create custom one of a kind cartoon logos. If you asked me to pick one over the other I’d have to say you’re crazy. I love doing both. In fact just about anywhere I can find a market for my art is interesting to me …and that’s where you’ll always find me.

How is my work different from others in my genre?

Every artist has their own style. Cartoonists also have their own special sense of humor that shines through in their art. It’s kind of like a finger print and it originates from a lot of different things… Life experiences, artistic training, what happened on the way home from the grocery store that day, what the cat vomited up (art isn’t always pretty). You name it, it finds its way into a cartoonist’s art and that’s what makes it unique. My style is constantly evolving (and hopefully improving) but at this point I think it’s become pretty recognizable. There are a few other artists out their who have similar styles but in my opinion we are all very unique.

How does my illustration process work?

This is kind of a tough question because I don’t always work the same way or in the same style but rather than give you a long detailed explanation of my process I’ve created a short video that shows an actual project starting from a rough sketch. This is pretty typical of many of the projects I work on using Adobe Illustrator. The first thing you’ll notice is I’ve compressed the time for the video and done a little bit of editing. The things I’ve left on the cutting room floor is all the trial and error experimenting I do with shapes and colors as I work through a project. I am a visual person but I don’t always trust my first instincts so I often try many different color combinations to see if I can find better options. Sometimes it can be a tedious process which is why I’ve trimmed it from this video. Other times things just flow and I get it right the first time. It all depends on which way things happen to be leaning that particular day.

Ok enough with the typing here’s the video. Enjoy


Next up on the blog tour I’m inviting  two amazingly talented artists and good friends:

photo-fian arroyo Fian Arroyo, with his creative mind and quick draw, has been creating award-winning illustrations and character designs for his clients, including Fortune-500 companies, in the advertising, editorial, toy & game and publishing markets for over 20 years.


photo greg newmanGreg Newman has been a freelance artist and illustrator, designer and developer since 2001. Newman now specializes in portraiture, uncannily realistic caricatures and wildlife illustrations, as well as design and development for the intertubes.


Interview With Renowned Children’s Artist Will Terry

Featured Artist Will Terry

photo will terryThis is a re-post of an interview I did with children’s book illustrator Will Terry about a year or so ago. As some of you may recall my site was hacked a while back and I had to rebuild it basically from scratch. I lost a lot of great articles and interviews like this one I did with Will. Rather than let them go to waste, I plan to begin re-posting them starting with one my all time favorites… Interview with renowned children’s artist Will Terry.

If you’re not familiar with Will Terry or a reader of his blog I highly recommend that you start ASAP. Will is a highly motivated, insightful guy with a ton of useful information for professional artists, especially those in the field of children’s art.

Will is also a bit of a pioneer in the children’s world of publishing with several very successful eBooks. In this interview we talk a little bit about eBooks and the future of children’s publishing. We discuss where things are headed and the difference between traditional publishing and the opportunities available to today’s artist. I hope you enjoy this interview and for those of you’ve who heard it before I hope you’ll find it as inspiring the second time around as you did the first. Finally I’d like to thank Will for all the inspirational information he’s shared over the years and for taking a few minutes to sit down with me for this amazing interview.

To listen to the interview please use the link below:

WillTerryInterview-BobOstromStudio 1


For more on Will Terry and his work please visit his site at:

Interview- How to Create, Publish and Market an eBook

How to Create Publish and Market an eBook

ebook, dinosaur, dinos, bob ostrom, julia dweck, amazon
Cover art from our new eBook Where are the dinos. Written by Julia Dweck and illustrated by Bob Ostrom

Hello readers. Whew, its been busy here at the studio lately… not just busy but the kind of busy where you just wish there were more hours in a day kind of busy. The funny thing about this business is I’m not really allowed to share what I’ve been working on outside the studio until the art has been published. Sometimes that can take up to a year. So, you didn’t hear it from me but I’ve got some really big projects in the works that you guys are going to love… including a great new interview I did last week with my good buddy Mr. Carlos Castellanos over at

I recently emerged from hibernation long just enough to do an interview with one of my favorite artists and pod-casters, Carlos Castellanos. Yes, THE Carlos Castellanos creator of the Baldo comic strip and my co-host from the wildly successful This time the tables were turned however  and I found myself on the opposite side of the mic. I just want to say its great being a guest for a change and not only was I a complete natural but I enjoyed myself immensely.

dinosaur, dino, cartoon, childrens illustrator, bob ostromAnyhow, Carlos interviewed me and my good friend author Julia Dweck where we both appear as guests on the latest episode of Julia and I spent a little quality time with Carlos discussing our new eBook, Where are the Dinos available on Amazon right now as we speak! We get into lots of details about the creative process, scoring a top spot on Amazon’s top 100 and some of the killer marketing techniques we used to get our book seen and reviewed. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done and was thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with someone as talented as Julia.

So here’s the skinny… If you’ve been thinking about getting into the eBook market as a writer or an illustrator you won’t want to miss this interview. It’s chock full of super valuable information about how to create publish and market an eBook.  This is the kind of artists gold you will only find on a site like So put your phone on vibrate, shut off your email for the next 32 minutes, tell the receptionist to take a message and please come check us out over on


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Julia Dweck’s Website – Ever wonder what it’s like to be a children’s eBook author? Well wonder no more. Head on over to Julias site and get the inside scoop

Youtube Where are the Dinos Contest – Got a question about dinos? Bob Ostrom Fake Dinosaur expert is a trained professional and will answer all your dino questions. Who knows maybe you’ll even be featured in Bob’s next dino video.