An Artists Simple Recipe for Success

Artists Recipe for Success I am a co-host on a site called Drawn by Success along with the great Carlos Castellanos. Not too long ago we got into a discussion about what it takes to actually make it in this crazy competitive world of art. Why are some so successful while others are still struggling. […]

eBook Illustration – Where are the Dinos?

eBook Illustration Hi readers this week and next I will be featuring art from my latest book Where are the Dinos ?, written by author Julia Dweck and published by Kite Reader. You can find it in the hot new release section over on the Amazons. So far it looks like we’re doing pretty well. […]

Editing Video in Photoshop

Editing Video in Photoshop Is there anything you can’t do with this program? I swear, it won’t be long until you can ask Photoshop to make you a cup of coffee and take the dog for a walk. This week I had a chance to sit down and actually learn how to edit and create […]