How to Draw a Cat by Bob Ostrom

bob ostrom filming how to draw lessons at burning oak studios

How to draw a cat.

Here is a little video for anyone who loves cats and loves drawing. I did this one down at Burning Oak Studio down in Raleigh a few years ago. I had a great time shooting these. I was a little nervous when I first went in because I had no idea what I was doing but the folks in the studio were great and helped me figure out which end of the marker to draw with and other things that seem so natural when the camera isn’t rolling.

We shot these videos over a couple of days and at the end of the first day I quickly realized it wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually have a few things prepared to say while I was drawing. So, I went home that night and worked on a little script I would use for each of the drawings the following day. I imagined the witty banter I would toss about as I appeared completely relaxed drawing away in a carefree, happy go lucky studio environment. I imagined being the envy of artists everywhere.

Flash forward to day two. Lights on, cameras rolling, me clumsily clutching my pencil for dear life with sweaty palms, a giant shiny forehead and a neon orange shirt…..And Action! Oh no…My mind goes blank. All the witty banter, all the carefree happy go lucky dialog flies right out the window and it’s just me in my orange shirt with a marker and some paper. Wait, what’s my name? Where’s my website?

The guys at Burning Oak, Rob and Matt, were great. They stopped cameras, calmed me down, clowned around a little and got things back on track. It’s funny how something as simple as,  My name is Bob Ostrom and you can find me at Bob Ostrom ends up being five takes.




Adobe Photoshop Tip – Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Working With Smart Objects

image right clicking smart objects

I’m not going to go into all kinds of details about Smart Objects this is just a quick tip I hope some of you will find useful. Recently I was working on some files for a client. It was a sizable project with lots of little moving pieces. Somewhere along the way I lost a couple of Illustrator files that went with the project. Because of a tight deadline I didn’t have time to track down the missing .ai files. As luck would have it I did however have them placed in a Photoshop file as Smart Objects.

Here’s the really great thing about Smart Objects, by right clicking the layer in Photoshop you can edit and save them in Illustrator.

Here’s how it works:

• Open your Photoshop document.

• Find the layer with the Smart Object you want to convert.

• Right click the layer.

• Select Edit Contents from the sub-menu.

• The Smart Object will be opened in illustrator.

• Make corrections to the vector art if you have any

• Save the illustrator file someplace you won’t lose it next time

• High five yourself for saving tons of time and being super tech savvy.



*Special thanks to my buddy George Coghill for his excellent advice.


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