Creating a new style with Digital Watercolor

Digital Watercolor

I’ve been trying some new stuff for the last month or so here at the studio and I think it’s about time to let the cat out of the bag. For many years I worked traditionally, mostly with watercolor and airbrush. I don’t really miss the airbrush, that thing was a crazy amount of work and to be honest Photoshop just does a better job. The watercolor though, that’s a whole different story. I love the spontaneity of working in watercolor but trying to capture that look and feel digitally has been a challenge. I could never really get the subtle variations I wanted so it inevitably wound up on the back burner saved for another time. I supposed I could have just dragged out my old set of Winsor Newtons and scanned them but I really wanted to see if I could make this happen digitally. Here’s a little peak at what I’ve been up to. I’m pretty happy with the direction things are headed. Hopefully, as I get used to the brushes and how to mimic the translucency that make watercolor so special, things will only get better.



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  1. Hey Bob. I also made the transition from traditional wc to digital. Clients were just asking for it and requiring work delivered in different file types plus wanted the ability for quick revisions. You almost have to be up to date on this stuff to ensure a long career. Anyway, your work looks good of course but yes, that transparency thin is difficult to achieve. Have you tried working with a textured (Pattern) mask layer? You can adjust it using Levels to get more or less textured wc paper look. Then if you work your layers in Multiply they will be transparent…so you see the texture. You can find interesting brushes for free in too and you can create a Blender brush to push and mix the colors too. This all takes time to get the look you want but many people can’t tell the difference between my traditional and digital work now. Good Luck and continued success!!

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