Super Quick Two Part Illustrator Question

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Hi Readers, I’m planning an upcoming class on Adobe Illustrator and I could use your help. I’ve got a super quick two part illustrator question for anyone who has tried to learn Illustrator on their own but for one reason or another got tripped up or frustrated and decided to put it aside for now

 Super Quick Two Part Illustrator Question

  1.  What was your stumbling block?

  2.  What were you using to learn the program?

  • A – A book
  • B- Online tutorial
  • C – Took a class
  • D – Classes? We don’t need no stinking classes!

Thanks for you help and please leave your answers in the comment section.


bob-ostrom-studio-headshotBob Ostrom is an award winner illustrator who also teaches Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign in Raleigh NC and for some strange reason has chosen to use third person for this author bio. If you are interested in taking a class with me or an online tutoring session please visit the classes page on this site or use the contact page to reach me for more info.



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  1. I was totally floored when I tried AI on my own. The interface was totally foreign from any application I had ever worked with. Ps was the same. And I took pride in my ability to figure out software. Heck, I was an application engineer and demonstrated, documented and taught applications! And then Adobe happened to me…

    That’s when I signed up for your class at Wake Tech. And it helped _a_lot_. But, not using Illustrator everyday (I mostly do photography), I find that I still struggle to do things efficiently. I have to re-learn almost every time I need to get something done. I Google a lot for solutions, sometimes hitting the Adobe site, sometimes viewing hints/methods from a helpful web contributor.

    May not have answered your questions directly, but I hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Davis. I feel your pain. Illustrator is a bit counter intuitive. The idea of working with anchor points takes a little getting used to. Don’t give up… It took me a few tries before I finally started to get the hang of it too.

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