Online Tutoring Sessions

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Online tutoring and classes by award winning illustrator Bob Ostrom specializing in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I’m just getting started with this program but if you are interested and would like more info please visit me over on my new site


5 Replies to “Online Tutoring Sessions”

  1. Daer Bob
    I would love to enroll for online tutoring.
    Either in illustration (old fashion drawing not adobe illustrator)or photoshop or both.
    So excited
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and amzing artistic talent with us
    Kind regards

    1. As much as would love teach everyone for free this is also a business so yes, there is a fee. It’s $50 per session. Hope to see you there!!!

  2. I have a 5th grader that’s a budding storyteller and illustrator. Do you have any classes using the computer tools such as Adobe Illustrator?

    Thank you.

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