Licensed Art

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Creating licensed art is an extremely demanding field. The licensed artist must be able to produce artwork that not only looks like the original property but can not be distinguished as unique or different in any other way. It must be flawless in it’s execution. The slightest deviation from the intent of the original creator can easily be spotted and reflects poorly on the brand.

Bob Ostrom is an expert at working with licensed art. He has worked with many licensed properties over the years. Bob started his career as a licensed artist by working with Disney’s Little Mermaid. From there he expended into other well known licenses.  As Bob’s experience grew he skills began to open new doors. Soon he was being sought after by companies like Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Nickelodeon,  Random House, Simon and Schuster, and many more. When working with licensed properties Bob strives to produce artwork that is accurate, on model and maintains the integrity of the original creator. Although it is difficult if not impossible to distinguish Bob’s art from the original you can find many of the properties Bob has worked with here on this site. If you have a property you need help with please contact Bob directly or through his Artists rep Deborah Wolfe to see how Bob can help you.

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