Campfire Stories

The woods were totally dark except for the dim glow of the crackling campfire. The only sound for miles were the crickets and the occasional lonely howl of a distant coyote. The boys had jumped the first time they heard the howling but had managed to convince each other they were totally safe as long as nobody wandered off.

Just as they were beginning to calm their unsteady nerves Missy clicked on the little light light illuminating a ghastly haunted version her former self. The proper mood set she launched into the scariest ghost story she could remember. Neither of the boys would be the first to admit fear as they sat frozen in silent terror, riveted by the twisted story of woe. When it was finally over the false bravado of nervous laughter filled their little corner of the woods as all three silently crawled into their tent to wait out a long sleepless night.

The Little Turtle

childrens book illustration by bob ostrom

Ker-floop, and just like that the little turtle disappeared beneath the surface hiding amongst rocks and stones at the bottom of the cold mountain lake. The three friends shuffled back to their cabin empty-handed. They would have to look elsewhere for a friendly swimming pet they could call their own.

Stories from Donutville

donut illustration done in procreate app by bob ostrom

Donut Boy smiled and looked up at the bright blue summer sky. The world was filled with possibility. Neither spoke for fear of breaking the magical spell, they simply took in the moment as the ancient city transport shuttle lurched and sputtered its way up the steep gravel road. The young driver searched in vain for a gear that would ease the strain but the hissing rattling engine refused to yield. The transmission complained loudly as the shuttle belched thick black diesel exhaust into the quiet morning air.

Donut boy was the first to break the silence. “I liked yummy things”, he gleaned. Travel Mug looked away slowly shaking his aching head, a dull throbbing pain just behind his left eye caused him to blink awkwardly. A swell day…a swell day indeed